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Hey, long time no write. I've been pretty out of it lately... But who cares! You're here for Jin!

Apparently this rumor has been going around so perhaps you've heard about this. Someone kindly brought it to my attention today. ♥

First, a recap: Akanishi Jin is going!, going! back, back to Cali, Cali for some solo concerts in June and the rest of KAT-TUN will be releasing a single and touring Asia. After the solo shows, Jin will be hanging out in America until October to do... who knows what. Rumors of Jin's exit from the group continue to float around the interwebs.

Well, Tokyo Sports has shed some light on the "real" story behind Jin's trip to the US. Those of you who guessed "baby mama drama," I'm sorry, that is incorrect. We were looking for "collecting money from his hos." No, wait, that's not it either.

An insider states, "Of course he's going to do the concerts, but his main goal is to break into Hollywood. In fact, I heard he's going to audition for a certain movie. Johnny's may be able to throw their weight around with TV stations in Japan, but that power doesn't reach all the way to Hollywood, so Akanishi is going for an interview to really fight for this. If word about it got out and on top of that he ended up failing, it'd be bad for his image so the concert was used a cover."

So what's the movie? Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. He will audition for the part of a young leader of a band of Japanese pirates -- a very important role.

Jin's a huge fan of the POTC series and at the risk pissing off the jimusho he was determined to go for it. Despite reports of KAT-TUN not getting along, the rest of the group have agreed to let him go.

Shooting for the film begins June in Hawaii. The filming of the movie and the length of Jin's stay in America is no coincidence. Will he pass his audition?

And if not, how will he be spending time in the states? Who knows if this is even true, but uh... good luck with that.

source: レッツ芸能ニュース

V6: SINCE 1995 〜 2010?

Shukan Bunshun brought some surprising "news" this week: V6 will allegedly be disbanding at the end of the year.

"This November they'll have a farewell concert and the Countdown on New Year's Eve will be their last performance."

So what's the reason for all this? Inocchi, Go, and Jun'ichi have said they want to leave the group and have been in talks with the jimusho. Inocchi's getting more solo work - like being a caster for NHK, plus he'll be a dad soon - Go has stated he wants to work more in theater, and Jun'ichi is getting more movie offers, so their activities as V6 have become a burden.

Although the remaining members want to continue on, "if everything goes as planned, this summer V6 will announce a new song and their disbandment, then tour in the fall, and at Johnny's Countdown they'll be sent off by their many juniors and 'graduate.'"

I find this hard to believe so... yeah.

sources: 芸能7days | エンタメScoop


Hallo thar. Here's a quick post on some TV rumors from Tokyo Sports.

#1: Next season Kimura Takuya will be starring in Fuji TV's drama adaptation of Les Misérables in their Mon/9pm timeslot. Apparently there were some casting issues -- Kimura was in, then he was out (he possibly hates Fuji and he's been working on that Yamato movie) -- but after continuous negotiations they finally reached an agreement last week, so the drama is on.
I'm curious as to how they will go about this.

#2: Also starting in April, Kamenashi Kazuya's new job as a sports caster. At the end of March, the NTV's Saturday night program Egawa x Horio SPORTS Urugusu will be ending and Kame, who is very knowledgeable about baseball, has been chose to take Horio's spot. The new show has been tentatively titled Egawa x Kamenashi SUPER SPORTS. Watch him weekly as he jizzes over baseball. Before beginning his work on the show, Kame may be making his sports casting debut as a special reporter for the Olypmics.

With his dramas doing so poorly, Kame's image is in need of a boost so he's going in a new direction - a decision influenced in part by Sakurai Sho's success with NEWS ZERO. Plus NTV thinks Kame will be good at it. When he appeared on Nakai Masahiro's Black Variety, in their match with the Giants softball team he showed great potential as an athlete and communicated well with the players.

So there you go. Neither of these are confirmed so we'll see what happens.

sources:エンタメ芸能Scoop | タレコミ 芸能 掲示板

Asian Pop Addict Haiti Relief Show

Hi, everyone.

My friends over at the weekly Asian Pop Addict (APOPA) podcast are reaching out to all of us in the Asian Pop fandom (and otherwise because all help is good help) to take part in their Haiti Relief show.

APOPA will be broadcasting a special Haiti Relief show Saturday Jan 30th from 8pm - 2am ET, Jan 31 10am Japan & Korea time. They will be streaming video live from the studio at http://www.ustream.tv/asianpopaddict and audio of show will be available for download at their site the next day.

Part of the show will include interviews with people who have been affected directly by this tragedy and possibly artists who would like to and express their thoughts about Haiti and also donate. They are working closely with K-Hip Hop artist Drunken Tiger JK who wants to get the word out there.

More info on how you can help with the AUCTION, DONATIONS, and TWITTER. Please read if interested!Collapse )

E-mail: asianpopaddict@gmail.com
Website: AsianPopAddict.com
LJ Comm: asianpopaddict
Twitter: @AsianPopAddict
YouTube (if you're new to their show, you might wanna check out some of their clips)

One more thing: a video message from Cyn City @ Asian Pop Addict explaining what this is all about. Please have a look.

And I think that is it.
Thank you for your time. ♥

So much for Okada-Aoi babies

There goes another one. According to Tokyo Sports Okada Jun'ichi and Aoi Yu have broken up.

The couple appeared to be doing so well. Back in December it was reported that Okada was remodeling his home at a cost of 50 million yen and Aoi Yuu was there with him discussing things with the contractor. With what appeared to be the building of their home and life together the "countdown to marriage" began. Or so we thought. As it turns out the two had already split.

According to an insider they broke up last fall. "The reason is simple. Johnny's Jimusho wouldn't allow Okada to get married. Knowing this the two still continued to date, but that wasn't doing either of them any good, so they came to a decision." In fact, Aoi hadn't been seen at Okada's place for months.

To help get over the shock of breaking up, Aoi Yuu had planned a trip around the world. However, being a popular actress with her many commercial deals she was persuaded not to go.

source: エンタメ裏Max

So which is real? Are they living together or are they over? :/

Say it ain't so, Tina. Say it ain't so.

According to Tokyo Sports, Murakami Shingo and Toda Erika have broken up.

A showbiz insider who knows Toda said, "She is very strong willed; no matter what her agency says she does what she wants. When it comes to her boyfriend she is incredibly jealous. A popular guy like Murakami has all the women he could ever want approaching him and furthermore, he'd rather spend time with his guy friends than with her. She couldn't take it anymore, they fought, and then they broke up."

Late last month at a press conference for her 2010 calendar, when asked about her relationship with Murakami, Toda looked irritated and had no comment. Maybe Murakami couldn't deal with her temper.

source: エンタメ裏Max

TINA... ;__;

Comedy's loss is Arashi's gain?

Rumor has it NTV’s once highly rated comedy show Enta no Kamisama (Saturdays @ 10pm) is set to be cancelled. Iromonea is also in trouble in what appears to be lay-off of sorts in the comedy program department.

Apparently the viewers just aren’t interested in Enta any more, thus the drop in ratings. The show used to pull in over 20% and had a nice, comfy spot in the weekly top 10 ratings, but the ratings have dropped to single digits 3 times since October. Cancelling the show would be a serious hit to its host Fukuzawa Akira who hasn’t been getting as much work lately.

A media insider stated, “NTV seems to already have a new show in mind. They are going to end Arashi no Shukudai-kun (!), which currently airs late on Monday nights, and start a new variety show with Arashi as the main personalities (!!).

“Ogura Tomoaki, a regular on Shukudai-kun, won’t be appearing on the new show. However, Miyane Seiji, a show MC from Kansai with a strong desire to make strides in Tokyo, will be taking on that role. Miyane’s special New Year’s program on NTV produced good results, so there’s a chance the post-Enta show is in the early stages of development."

“Neta bangumi,” or shows for comedians to show their acts/routines, seem to be on their way out. TBS’ The Iromonea hosted by comedy duo Ucchan Nanchan, may also be in trouble. When it became a regular program in the spring of ’08 it fared quite well in its Friday night slot, but when it moved to Thursdays last year things started to go downhill. Since October, ratings have only broken double digits twice and even the New Year special was only 9.7%. One show that is doing well, however, is Fuji TV’s Bakusho Red Theater (♥).

The explosion of neta bangumi has died down and they now may be fated to disappear.

source: エンタメ芸能Scoop

Too bad about Enta, but if nobody's watching, what can you do. I really like Shukudai-kun and would be sad to see it go. But a variety show for Arashi would be nice - we see so little of them as it is. I kid, I'd watch another Arashi show. It could be their own SMAPxSMAP. I want epic skits! No Ogu-san, though? :( Anyway, it's just a rumor so I won't dwell on it too much.

Oh, and yay for Red Theater! I love that show.


MJ fans not happy with NHK's plans

It was reported yesterday that Japan's annual end of the year program, Kouhaku, will have a memorial segment for artists who passed away this year. As one would probably expect, they will be including a Michael Jackson tribute.

The ones doing said tribute: SMAP.

Well, we already know what big Michael fans they are. The collective brick they shat when he made a surprise appearance on SMAPxSMAP is great proof of that. Also, leader Nakai had the special honor of being the only Japanese talent invited to the L.A. premiere of This Is It. There's no mistaking SMAP's heart will definitely be in the performance.

However, a lot of people are speaking up saying OH HAAAAALE NAW to NHK's decision. For them, SMAP isn't good enough. They've been making comments like, "SMAP can't do Michael's dancing" and "This is Kouhaku not SMAPxSMAP" and other remarks about their singing/dancing skills.

Their performace will be a medley, which is said to include Thriller, Beat It, and other Michael hits.

SMAP has a lot of fans so I imagine there are a lot of people looking forward to it as well. Will it be good? Will it be bad? Will it be so bad that it's good? We'll have to wait and see.

What say you? If not SMAP who would you prefer? That is, if you want anyone at all. They could just show clips of him.

source: ズバリ!裏芸能


Josei Seven: OMG Yamapi's dating Kitagawa Keiko! We has pictures! They're totally holding hands!
Agencies: False.
News reporter: You don't have a señorita?
Yamapi: Haha yer slick. There is no señorita. And holding hands whut? Trick photography, yo.
Random gossip: Pi's got another chick. A 19 or 20 year old former model.

All caught up? Okay, now, Josei Seven is saying: No, bitch. You're dating. Look what we got.
They're back to report (with photos) that Pi and Keiko went on another date and she was clinging to his arm.

Earlier this month, Keiko and Pi left her place some time after 8pm. They were dressed somewhat similiarly; both in leather jackets with hoodies (Pi's gray, Keiko's red) underneath. They strolled along very slowly as they made their way to a shopping district with pubs lined along the street. Keiko had a tight grip on Pi's arm and Pi looked at her lovingly.

The reporter was surprised to see that 2 hours after leaving wherever, Pi and Keiko had switched hoodies. Also, Pi was leading her by the hand like an escort.
Haha, okay then.

This scan's been floating around. It's not good enough to tell much of anything though, but I read that if you look at the actual mag, she is on Pi's arm.

Round and round we go. Well, you can make of it whatever you want.

source: エンタメ芸能Scoop

Ohno in the tabloids again

The January issue of Bubka is reporting on another Ohno + Woman story.

According to the mag, back in 2007 (yes, they are talking about something from 2 years ago), while he was in a relationship with actress Yoshino Kimika, Ohno was also carrying on with an Osakan hostess. The hostess is said to be a beautiful older woman - a Mama, or proprietress.
LOL He had another chick in Osaka? Oh, Leader.

Supposedly they were being drunk and flirty, but this is all I've found.
Read more...Collapse )



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