First post! So yeah... this is pretty much where I'll be rambling on about various rumors/gossip from good ol' Japan. There will be a lot of Johnny's Entertainment stuff but there'll be other entertainers/talent as well (if I feel like it). Whatever I think is interesting, I'll write about. Not gonna lie though, it's mostly Johnnys.

I'm not locking this, I just wanted to say this journal isn't meant to be malicious. Whether or not you choose to believe what's written is up to you. I get big lols out of most of this stuff and much of what I write is pretty tongue-in-cheek, so I hope you get a kick out of it. :D

That said...

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johnny's want vagina

Tegoshi Yuya: A Cat in Heat

I put this on tumblr last night but it felt weird, so... here I am.

Oh hey. I know I haven’t written anything in a long time and I will probably disappear again after this tbh. Sorry :(

But let’s live in the moment, shall we? I saw this and felt somewhat inspired. :)

Right on the heels of announcing their 5th studio album (the first since the departure of Bill and Ted), NEWS’ sole female member, Tegoshi Yuya, got Friday’d.

So here’s what happened. One weekend late May, Tego, a guy friend and 2 girls went on a group date. Afterwards he hit up a members only bar in Roppongi where he sat on the sofa a little tipsy happily talking to a woman.

According to a witness, without a care in the world he put his arm around her and “strongly pressed his lips to her mouth.” Gross. So he just grabbed her? I get you have all this pent up aggression from being 25 and having to parade around dressed up like a girl cat, but let it out someplace else.

Well, despite his douchey approach she wasn’t bothered and put her arms around him.

Pic of the alleged incident.

Upon viewing this picture I have to say it looks ridiculous and stupid. What is even happening? If this isn’t some bad photoshop work, it’s quite awkward.

Other people had some different reactions. As is their wont, the internet commenced with the dragging.

They basically said she looks fat and old and bigger than Tegoshi. One commented her upper arm seemed strong and they looked “more like pro wrestling than kissing.” “How can Tegoshi be into ugly girls?” “There was a shot of him in front of a club before with a chubby girl.” Old lady this, old lady that. Blah, blah, blah.

Who knew an arm could be so telling? Anyway, apparently his fans were quite shocked by his choice of lady friend.

So there you have it. Fresh, alleged, Tegoshi shenanigans… I was really hoping this would be juicier. That pic bummed me out.

Here’s hoping for more exciting tabloid ridiculousness.

sources: とれとれニュース便, エンタメスクープ

Be seeing you. I hope not sporadically.

So, how was everyone's day?

I'm sure you know why I'm here so I'll just get right to it.
Akanishi Jin and Kuroki Meisa are married! And she's 2 months pregnant (allegedly)!

I left the "allegedly" because they didn't confirm the pregnancy, but it's probably true.
Too much ghetto R&B; they got too freaky. He probably seduced her with his accents.
Freak me, baby, ahhh yeah~ ♪

Take care of that kid! A child is a serious matter, you guys. Contraception is your friend. Make sure you're ready! The more you know!

I do wish them and their baby well though. Once they got past the "Oh shit!" phase I'm sure they were very happy. Papa Jin's probably writing his own "Glory" song right now. Anyway, may the child be cute and talented. If musically, please take after the father.

You know, I've been seeing a lot of "RIP Meisa's career" sentiment, which I find strange. I thought the ending of her music career, at least, would be a time of celebration, not mourning. *shrug*

She has been very fortunate to work with some good music makers, but her singing... Imagine if those songs had been given to Crystal Kay.

But I digress. Actually, I really don't know where I'm going with this post. Can you tell? lol
I'm just amused by this story.

The Aramaniacs certainly had a field day and it looks like the party's still going.

With Jin taking over America one basic dance track at a time, where does that put mother and child? Based on one of twitter Japan's trending topics yesterday, a lot of people think they'll divorce pretty quickly. So many Negative Nancys.

Prove 'em wrong, Jeisa! ...Min?

Well, it's 1 am. I'm tired and this post is going nowhere so I'm off to bed. G'night.

a-san the bite victim

New Johnny's unit on the horizon?

So I'm sitting here jamming to this for, like, the 80th time today, when this little gem of a story pops up.

The good people at Toyko Sports are reporting that a new Johnny's unit is gearing up to steal your fangirl/boy hearts. And, no, I'm not talking about Sexy Zone.

With the recent withdrawal of Yamapi and Ryo from NEWS and the long ago departure of Akanishi from KAT-TUN, a new, unit will be formed with the remaining members of both groups.

I'll give you a moment.

We good? Ok.

Apparently, they have already met to exchange ideas and work out what activities they'll be doing. An insider stated Kamenashi and Tegoshi are representing their respective groups and are moving forward with their discussion.
Hm, why Tegoshi?

Anyway, here's the deal:
1) The unit will only last from December to March
2) They will release 1 single

I assume the single will have 10 versions -- 1 with a group cover and then 9 individual ones with a bunch of different b-sides to drive you insane. Maybe they'll throw in an 11th version with a DVD for extra trolling.

So what are they going to call themselves? The Leftovers? Well, at the moment "KAT-TUN & NEWS" is the strongest contender. Some unnamed music producer said a lot of group names were suggested at first, but they all talked about it and finally decided to go with something simple.

KAT-TUN & NEWS just might be making their first appearance on December 31st! No, not on the Countdown! On Kouhaku! The unnamed music producer went on to say, "I heard they're secretly planning to make the group the highlight of Kouhaku. There's also word Fuji TV will begin airing the "KAT-TUN & NEWS" show in January."

Will K&N be a success? Could they put a dent in Arashi and Kanjani8's popularity? Will Pi continue on solo in search of a foreign star to collab with just like his bffs? We will see.

As I said, it is Tokyo Sports, so I wouldn't put any money on it happening, but it's an interesting thought.


unrelated p.s. i know i never post anymore but you still leave nice comments. i really appreciate it. thank you!
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a-san the bite victim

Well... obviously, we have a biter in Kanjani8

Hello there. I'll just preface this by saying I'm not really "back." This is more of a Hi, how are you? post. Whatever that means. I am alive and around, but with ~life's changes~ I fell out the the routine of posting. And now here I am 6 months later. *waves* I've been trying to keep up to speed, though, with posts at aramatheydidnt and by zurui_koi and other places here and there.

Let's see, what's been happening...? Keiko may have been Pi's wan in a mirrion but looks like that's over, he's also going solo again and the peasants are both XD and DX, Akanishi's skin is yellow and his life is gold (what need more be said?), Ryo remains a classy ladies' man*, more Tegoshi/girlfriend/idek craziness popped up than I thought was even possible, Nino and "sexual powerhouse" were used in the same sentence, Sho refuses to shake hands with fuglies and will go Britney on you with an umbrella... and so on and so forth.
Good times.

As for my own posts, I've got a little something today, but after that it's still up in the air. Anyway, enough of my blathering. Let's get to some gossip.

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a-san the bite victim

"No" means get the hell out of the car.

In case you've been wondering what Nishikido Ryo's been up to, here's something for you.

Well, he's been doing a lot of clubbing. Shocking, I know. And while doing said clubbing he's been picking up lots of women. *gasp! pearl clutch* And to top it all off he was was a jerk to one of them. Wow, who is this guy?! Oh right, he's the one who bit that chick that one time (allegedly).

A friend of a young woman who was picked up by Ryo explained to Tantei File what happened: "Back in March, Nishikdo came on to my friend at a club in Roppongi. They got pretty close while they were there and afterwards took a taxi together. He invited her to his house but when she said no, he kicked her out of the cab right then and there. *lol* She said he was he worst."
Haha, way to laugh at your friend.

According to the informant, Ryo said to the girl, "You're coming to my place right?" but she turned down the offer. Ryo got pissed and was all you're gonna tell me no after I invited you? and made her get out.
Oh, Ryo. He has such a way with women.

While Ryo was shooting his movie he went to the club once a week, but now he goes about three times. Lately he's been spending more time outside the VIP section hugging and flirting with the ordinary girls (meaning non-showbiz i would assume) -- who later accompany him back to his place. Apparently the tally of girls he didn't kick out of a taxi is no small number.

And so ends another chapter in Nishikido Ryo's Tales of Douche Baggery.

source: ズバリ!裏芸能

Is the Troop welcoming new privates?

Okay, so you probably already have yeard Yamashita Tomohisa and Jaejoong of TVXQ are good buds. Or something. To be honest I haven't looked that much into it but I know the buzz is out there.
aramatheydidnt has some stuff on that here and here.

Well, looks like someone else has been added to the equation: TVXQ member Yoochun. There's a photo going around that's got people talking.

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More on Captain Jin and KAT-TUN's future

The plot thickens.

Tokyo Sports is back with more (alleged) inside info on solo artist and aspiring Hollywood actor Akanishi Jin.

Rumor has it Jin passed his Pirates of the Caribbean audition!
I didn't realize this was supposedly happening already. Anyway, if this turned out to be true... lol idek.

According to a Hollywood insider, "There's no official announcement yet but out of the nearly 10,000 applicants, Akanishi was picked. Originally he was to play a leader of Japanese pirates but now his part is undecided, however he will play an important role. Surprisingly, it was also leaked that Watanabe Ken might be in the movie as well."
Ah, Watanabe Ken, the go-to guy for all things Japanese male.

Adding to Jin's good fortune, his concerts in L.A. are sold out! "In just 3 hours, all 2300 seats were sold out. Japanese fans bought tickets but over 40% went to Americans."

If all this is to be believed, things are looking quite good for Jin. Unfortunately, there's some bad news as well: Jin will leave KAT-TUN in December.

"KAT-TUN's contract with the company that handles their cell phone content runs out in December. Once the contract is up, Akanishi will be released and his departure from KAT-TUN will be announced." After that he'll spend a year shooting the movie and traveling around for promotional events.

Tokyo Sports is really building this up. Whatever, makes things interesting.

God, it's late. 'Night.

source: 芸能ガセネタ博覧会