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Not so nice Shibutani Subaru

This story makes Subaru look like a huge asshole.

May 16th, dawn. Kitaku, Osaka. The Westin Hotel. A young woman in her 20s, dead drunk, is being carried by a group of people to the 1st floor lobby. Seeing this, a hotel employee suggests calling an ambulance but the group refuses. Eventually an ambulance called for and the woman, known only as "A-ko," was taken to a hospital where she was diagnosed with acute alcohol intoxication and remained unconscious for 14 hours.

Apparently all this happened the night Shibutani Subaru invited her out to party. Several people were part of the group that night. They first had reservations at a darts bar and along with Subaru, the guys included Kansai Jrs known as K-kun, I-kun, and M-kun; they were joined by 8 girls. After that, the entire group of guys and 6 of the girls went to the hotel where and up to the special floor with private suites.

Subaru, who arrived at the the room a before the others, sat on the sofa like a king and was, for some reason, playing with a toy making bubbles.

A-ko gives some details of that night: "Everyone sat in boy, girl order, so Subaru had a girl on each side of him. It totally felt like a hostess club. We started playing cards and then he gave out costumes. There was Kamen Rider, Gachapin, Pikachu. Subaru himself was dressed up like a nurse, but he told us girls 'strip down to your underwear.'"

They then played the Ousama Game in which one person is the king (in this case, Subaru) and he gives them orders. The game went on until Subaru ordered the girls to change into nurse costumes. After which there was much consuming of alcohol.

Along with A-ko, another girl, "B-ko" was attending one of Subaru's parties for the first time. B-ko said, "Aside from me and A-ko, everyone seemed afraid of offending Subaru. When sake would drip down his chin while he was drinking, the girls would wipe his face with a towel. There also seemed to be some game they usually played but, having been here first time, A-ko didn't know what to do and that really irriated him. He didn't like A-ko at all and told her, 'drink that entire bottle of shochu.' Then he held her down and practically poured the whole bottle down her throat. A-ko felt sick and rushed to the bathroom. One of the girls was worried and said, 'isn't that dangerous?' but Subaru just said, 'fine then, leave!' The girl apologized and they went back to the Ousama Game. Subaru's next order was a kiss and he a girl went at it pretty hard."

B-ko, worried, went to the bathroom to see how A-ko was doing only to find her passed out. She said they should call an ambulance but Subaru wasn't having it. "If you guys call an ambulance, consider your lives over. She's better off dead! Leave her there!" So B-ko, with the help of one of the girls and K-kun, carried A-ko out. On the way out they noticed a bunch of condoms sitting out in the corner of the room.

Shuukan Josei published A-ko and B-ko's story along with a medical certificate, which I guess is supposed to verify her diagnosis. They claim after the incident, rather than receiving and apology from Subaru, they got a phonecall telling them to keep their mouths shut.

Well... that's really shitty.

source: エンタメScoop
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