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New TV gigs for Kimura and Kamenashi. Maybe.

Hallo thar. Here's a quick post on some TV rumors from Tokyo Sports.

#1: Next season Kimura Takuya will be starring in Fuji TV's drama adaptation of Les Misérables in their Mon/9pm timeslot. Apparently there were some casting issues -- Kimura was in, then he was out (he possibly hates Fuji and he's been working on that Yamato movie) -- but after continuous negotiations they finally reached an agreement last week, so the drama is on.
I'm curious as to how they will go about this.

#2: Also starting in April, Kamenashi Kazuya's new job as a sports caster. At the end of March, the NTV's Saturday night program Egawa x Horio SPORTS Urugusu will be ending and Kame, who is very knowledgeable about baseball, has been chose to take Horio's spot. The new show has been tentatively titled Egawa x Kamenashi SUPER SPORTS. Watch him weekly as he jizzes over baseball. Before beginning his work on the show, Kame may be making his sports casting debut as a special reporter for the Olypmics.

With his dramas doing so poorly, Kame's image is in need of a boost so he's going in a new direction - a decision influenced in part by Sakurai Sho's success with NEWS ZERO. Plus NTV thinks Kame will be good at it. When he appeared on Nakai Masahiro's Black Variety, in their match with the Giants softball team he showed great potential as an athlete and communicated well with the players.

So there you go. Neither of these are confirmed so we'll see what happens.

sources:エンタメ芸能Scoop | タレコミ 芸能 掲示板
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