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More on Captain Jin and KAT-TUN's future

The plot thickens.

Tokyo Sports is back with more (alleged) inside info on solo artist and aspiring Hollywood actor Akanishi Jin.

Rumor has it Jin passed his Pirates of the Caribbean audition!
I didn't realize this was supposedly happening already. Anyway, if this turned out to be true... lol idek.

According to a Hollywood insider, "There's no official announcement yet but out of the nearly 10,000 applicants, Akanishi was picked. Originally he was to play a leader of Japanese pirates but now his part is undecided, however he will play an important role. Surprisingly, it was also leaked that Watanabe Ken might be in the movie as well."
Ah, Watanabe Ken, the go-to guy for all things Japanese male.

Adding to Jin's good fortune, his concerts in L.A. are sold out! "In just 3 hours, all 2300 seats were sold out. Japanese fans bought tickets but over 40% went to Americans."

If all this is to be believed, things are looking quite good for Jin. Unfortunately, there's some bad news as well: Jin will leave KAT-TUN in December.

"KAT-TUN's contract with the company that handles their cell phone content runs out in December. Once the contract is up, Akanishi will be released and his departure from KAT-TUN will be announced." After that he'll spend a year shooting the movie and traveling around for promotional events.

Tokyo Sports is really building this up. Whatever, makes things interesting.

God, it's late. 'Night.

source: 芸能ガセネタ博覧会
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